Chimney Cleaning Services

Melbourne Chimney Cleaning provides thorough cleaning services to all types of chimneys. Residential, commercial properties are no problem, some of the best-known restaurants, clubs and pubs/hotels. With extensive experience and the knowledge knowing that Melbourne Chimney Services and are fully insured we can make your fireplace or wood heater work like new. Many well-known hotels and restaurants use our services.

Chimney Pot Installation

Melbourne Chimney Sweeping has a wide variety of chimney pots. We have collected many different sizes and shapes. If you are missing a chimney pot or it’s cracked please get in touch and send us a photo and we can match it for you.


Chimney Dampers

A chimney damper is similar to a cowl on top of the chimney, it usually has a flat lid which is operated from the inside of the chimney by releasing a chain when the fireplace is in operation. This will stop birds, possums from entering down the chimney. Also prevents warm air escaping the house from ducted heating through up the chimney when the fire is not in operation. We have also found that it keeps Father Christmas out so make sure it is open around the 24th of December! See our detailed Chimney Damper page 

Wood Heater Servicing

We are able to service your wood heaters and arrange part installation depending on the model, we can source the correct glass and the door components if required. To contact us either call us on 0414456666 or use the contact form to get in touch