Went to a lovely couple’s house in Hawthorn, they rang asking could I have a look at their chimney above the old stove in the kitchen.  As they needed to install a new range-hood, they thought the chimney was blocked. Also, they believed they had heard birds at the top of the chimney.  Sure enough, it was totally blocked with years of birds nesting. !!!



A client rang me a few years ago who lived near a golf course in Brighton not too far from Melbourne CBD. He asked could I come around as there was a large number of flies buzzing around the base of the fireplace!  After I spent 4 hours pulling out 3 garbage bags of leaves and three dead ducks it was all fixed. Let’s say I under-quoted on that job!

Fitzroy North

An ever faithful customer of Melbourne Chimney Sweeping and a well-known hotel rang to say could you come earlier. The fireplace just isn’t drawing as well as it used to. Most of my pubs and restaurant fireplaces get them cleaned annually. To the publican’s amazement but not to mine out come the friendly possum now smoked! But sadly deceased… I recommended a damper be installed to prevent this from happening again.


A fantastic new client today, this house in Prahran had been lived in by the same family for 65 years. The new owner enquired would it be worthwhile cleaning? I asked him have you lit a fire yet? They mentioned they were a little reluctant too. I headed over there straight away as this was an emergency. I hate hearing about people not enjoying their fires or in this case unable too! Much to the owner’s amazement we found one of the 5 chimneys completely filled with old newspaper. Having your chimney swept and cleaned is a very important task. That’s why Melbourne Chimney Sweeping is the leader in soot reduction!!

St Kilda

Amazing some of the places we visit, this place needs no introduction Melbourne Chimney Sweeping has been cleaning the world-famous “Espy” Hotel Esplanade chimneys for years. Next time you are there think of Melbourne Chimney Sweeping! We were also used as an advisor and restored the mantles, cleaned and maintained the fireplaces after the incredible renovation.


This is one of my favorite chimney tales, had a phone call to seal up the top of a chimney. The owner didn’t want the chimney pot and being an avid collector of chimney pots they gave it to me. Chimney pots make great garden ornaments! I’ve swept many dirty sooty chimneys but I always come across interesting people, beautiful old houses and amazing renovations. This chimney pot was given to me and I took it home, realising it was a bit heavier than usual and that there was something in it. I took it home and look what popped out of the top. I have nicknamed him “Smokey”


A client rang mentioning we have just purchased a house in Carlton. Being a St Kilda supporter I answered with wary… They had 4 fireplaces that have not been used for years. I started to work and found every chimney in the house was stuffed with newspaper since 1967! You can imagine how much soot was lying on top of them. I ended up very dirty but the client was very satisfied. However, I was very sooty. I then tested the fireplaces and they all roared back to life!


Went to a wood heater that hadn’t been cleaned in 15 years! Now, people, you must clean your chimneys and flues. You need a professional you need Melbourne Chimney Sweeping!